Crazy Jewelry Slot 3D

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Crazy Jewelry Slot 3D

Imagine a historic village in the heart of Italy…
Where there lives a very successful jeweler with jewelry fit game of thrones casino slots for a king…
But as with everything unique and special, bandits are eyeing the loot…
Will this ordinary man be able to protect his jewels of such immense value?
In this historic village in Italy where the adventure will take place
Enjoy the thrills of protecting the Crazy Jewelry!

The Crazy Jewelry video slot game transports you into an adventure story in a historic village in Italy. You’ll experience luxury like never before in this eye-popping 5 reel, 3 row, 20 win line video slot game.

Crazy Jewelry features everything you could wish for in a video slot game. From the convenience of an AUTO SPIN function to enticing BONUS games to a whole WILD symbol reel – Crazy Jewelry has it all…

Plus, playing the game couldn’t be easier. You can set your desired betting amount by clicking the SELECT LINES and LINE BET buttons to customize your bet. The SELECT LINES button allows you to select the number of active win lines that you want to play. By default, this is set to the maximum amount of win lines.
The LINE BET button allows you to increase or decrease your bet on the active win lines using a range of 1 – 5 betting levels.
Or, you can simply click the MAX BET button to automatically play using the highest line bet on the maximum amount of active win lines.

In the non-progressive versions of the game, you can use the CHOOSE BET button to change the value of your credits. There are different credit values that you can choose from but remember – higher credit values also mean higher payouts.

By clicking the SPIN or AUTO SPIN button, you’ll start playing using the default or selected coin value and line bet on the activated win lines. If you click the AUTO SPIN button, your bet will automatically continue to be repeated using your current settings until you click AUTO SPIN again or until you run out of credits.

You can mute or un-mute the sounds effects in the game by clicking the SPEAKER button.

Winning prizes
You have a winning combination when you get 3 or more identical symbols on one of the active win lines. You can then see the value of your winnings in the WIN display. By default, you’ll see your winnings in cents but you can change this by clicking on the WIN display once to see your winnings in credits. Be sure to check the possible symbol combinations and payouts on the PAYTABLE.

BONUS Rounds & WILD Reels
The BONUS round starts when 3 BONUS symbols hit on an active win line. The game then takes you to the jeweler’s studio where the jeweler is testing the authenticity of his precious stones. Unfortunately, a robber had come in and replaced some of the authentic jewel stones with fake glass stones. You need to help the jeweler figure out which stones are still authentic instead of fake. There are more authentic stones of lower value and fewer authentic stones of the higher values left for you to find. When you’ve helped the jeweler to find 4 authentic stones of all 4 different types, you win the prize and the bonus round ends. However, when you have picked 3 fake stones, the bonus round will also end. Good luck and have fun looking!

Another bonus feature in the game is the WILD symbol that can appear on the 3rd reel. When the WILD symbol hits, you’ll see it expand so that the entire reel becomes a WILD symbol reel. Any winning combination that gets completed with one of the WILD symbols will be paid out according to the regular payout value.

The FREE SPINS symbols are “scatter symbols” which means that no matter where they are on the reels, as long as you see 3 or more of them on the screen at the same time, you’ll win FREE SPINS. When playing these FREE SPINS, you can win prizes when you get winning combinations on an active win line or scattered anywhere on the screen.

As a great extra bonus when you’re playing the FREE SPINS, if you get another 3 or more FREE SPINS symbols scattered on the reels, you’ll win even more FREE SPINS! Check the PAYTABLE for a complete list of winning combinations, prizes and FREE SPINS.

When you see 3 or more SCATTER symbols appear anywhere on the reels during one of your spins, you’ll win a prize. For a full overview of the winning combinations and prizes that you can win, please check the PAYTABLE in the game.

During the game, keep an eye out for CLICK ME symbols to appear on the reels. When you get 3 or more CLICK ME symbols scattered anywhere on the screen (they do not have to appear on the same active win line), the CLICK ME game will start. Once the CLICK ME game starts, simply click on the CLICK ME symbols to win prizes ranging between high, higher and the highest amounts. You can keep selecting different CLICK ME symbols to win more prizes. But, when you pick a CLICK ME symbol that reveals the word COLLECT instead of a prize, the game will end.

When you see 3 CLICK ME symbols scattered on the reels, the game will pause allowing you to click on one of the CLICK ME symbols to win a prize. The CLICK ME symbol that you choose will reveal a high, higher or highest prize. After you’ve chosen a CLICK ME symbol and you’ve won your prize, the remaining CLICK ME symbols will open to reveal the other prizes that you didn’t choose. Good luck picking the CLICK ME symbol with the highest prize!

WILD Symbols
This game is equipped with a great WILD symbol feature. When you get a WILD symbol anywhere on reel 2, 3 or 4, it can replace any regular prize symbol to complete a winning combination. Winning combinations that are completed by one or more WILD symbols will still be awarded with the regular prizes listed in the PAYTABLE. Please note that WILD symbols cannot complete winning combinations for special symbols like CLICK ME or BONUS symbols. Head to the PAYTABLE to see which symbols can be combined with a WILD symbol for a winning combination.

Every time that a WILD symbol completes a winning combination for you, Master Fu will catch a koi fish and save it. Once Master Fu has caught 5 fish, the WILD CLICK Bonus starts. Then, all symbols that are visible on the reels (except WILD symbols) will be replaced by clickable koi fish symbols.

Start clicking on these special koi symbols to win the prizes that are hidden under each koi. But be careful because the koi symbols could reveal the word COLLECT instead of a prize and then the WILD CLICK Bonus will end.

Also, if you change your bet after Master Fu has caught 1 or more koi fish for you, he’ll release all of your fish and the koi fish counter will be reset back to 0.

Crazy Jewelry 3D Slot

This 3D Pokie Machine can be played for Real Money at the ComeOn Casino. No Download is Required